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The Top Signs You Need to Invest in Roof Cleaning Services

When warmer weather arrives, there’s a good chance you want to get outside and enjoy everything that this time of year has to offer. However, this time of year, it is also good to take a long hard look at the roof. In fact, now it may be a good idea to invest in a professional inspection and have the roof cleaned

Not only will roof maintenance help keep your home looking amazing, but it can protect the interior of your home from damage resulting from the build-up of moss and other organic debris. If you have a roof that is under 20 years old but seems a little worn, it may be time to invest in professional cleaning services. These can help extend the life of your roof. 

Keep reading to learn the signs that it is time for professional roof cleaning services. 

The Presence of Moss

Lichen and moss are extremely common in the U.S. Over time, they may begin to grow on shingles and root to the shingles. Every root that grows creates a small channel where water can penetrate the surface and eventually move through the shingle. It may even impact the seal binding the shingles together. 

If this problem is not handled, it may cause serious leaks. Because moss loves to hold on to water, it will create the ideal environment for black algae to start to grow. By investing in roof cleaning services, you can keep the surface functional and beautiful. 

The Presence of Black Algae 

Did you know that black algae will thrive in a moist environment? This problem can leave ugly black streaks and cause shingles to appear darker than they really are. It will also feed off the asphalt that covers your shingles. 

As the asphalt continues breaking down, it will no longer be able to reflect UV rays, which means they will be soaked in. This also means water will start to penetrate through the shingles. If black algae develop, it may reduce the life of your roof, sometimes by half. Because of this, it needs to be handled before the problem spreads. 

The Presence of Roof Debris

If you have debris on your roof, it means you are inviting bacteria and other types of organisms into the space where they can grow and thrive. Rain and wind can distribute debris into your home’s gutter system, resulting in clogs and causing more damage to your roof and home. 

Clogged Gutters 

The purpose of your gutters is to catch water on the roof and disperse it to the ground, protecting the home’s foundation, siding, and roof. If your gutters are clogged, backflow may occur, which can cause serious water damage and rot on the roof deck, soffits, and fascia boards. 

When it comes to your roof, it is important to take steps to ensure it remains clean and problem-free. If you notice any of the issues above, consider investing in professional roof cleaning. This is going to eliminate the issue and help ensure the roof lasts as long as possible.