Pressure Washing Services

What’s On the Surface Matters

When you really look at home improvement and think about taking care of your assets over time, some of the details may be surprising. One of them has to do with what kind of maintenance is most commonly needed in working with building installations, especially exterior parts of the building.


What you find, time and time again, is that the underlying materials are sound – they were built for longevity. But they look old. Why is that?


Well, it’s because over time these materials accumulate surface contaminations. Dirt and grime settle on the exterior. Moisture may promote the growth of mold or mildew.


Over time, things start to look old because they’re covered by a patina of dirt or some other substance.


There’s a process called entropy that describes the gradual breakdown of ordered systems. It relates very well to buildings and home installations, which are ordered systems that look excellent when they’re just installed.


But where entropy generally considers the decay and dissolution of some artificial constructs, what typically happens with brick or stone or wood is that the underlying materials stay in place – they just get dirty as they age. That’s the kind of “decay” that happens. And it makes a difference! It’s depressing to look at grimy facades.


Getting Your Value


You want to get value out of the assets that you have, whether that’s a vehicle, a building, or something else, like lawn furniture.


Many of these items look practically new after someone has applied a pressure washer to their surface. In addition, after carefully cleaning items or surfaces with a pressure washer, it’s possible to simply add on a stain or sealer that will add years to the life of whatever you’re maintaining. Just like people of traditional eras would shine their shoes for better results over time, pressure washing is a way to optimize the assets that you have, rather than scrap them and build something new.


Pressure Washing Surfaces


A good pressure wash can make brick look excellent, whether it’s five years or a hundred years old.


It can make your sidewalk look like it was just installed.


Pressure washing can do wonders for your ailing deck, or as mentioned, your lawn or patio furniture, or your door and window trim. Anywhere that dirt or debris has collected over time, a pressure wash makes things look newer, because it gets rid of that physical symbol of aging and makes everything look crisp and clean again.


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