Frequently Asked Questions


      1. Will you be using high pressure on my siding?  ( NO ) High pressure will cause damage to your siding, we primarily provide Soft Washing, as it is the most effective and efficient way to clean any Home or Business.)
      2. Do you provide a Roof Cleaning Warranty? (Yes) We provide a 5 Year Spot Free Warranty, which also transferrable to new homeowner when you decide to sell your house.
      3. Will you be using my water? (Yes) We will need access to a water source while working on your property. All of our trucks are equipped with Large Water tanks and they arrive with a full tank, but this is a finite amount of water, and we would have to hook up to your water. We do have options where you can pay a water fee and will we make trips back to our facility to fill our tank and come back out to your property if you are on a shallow well.
      4. Do I need to take the screens out of my windows when you wash my house? (No) We have developed a proprietary product that allows us to soft wash your windows which will leave them sparkling clean and not subject your screen to damage.
      5. Will you need access to the inside of my house? (No) If you have really high elevated decks without ground access, we will use 40' ladders and ropes to get on that top deck.
      6. What are you using the wash my Roof? (We use a Sodium based product that will eradicate all organic growth on your roof.)
      7. Is Soft Washing safe for pets and children? (Yes) We recommend keeping pets and children inside until the ground dries though. So this will prevent dirty floors and our solution being tracked back inside of your house also.
      8. How much do you charge for Power Washing?   ( Each job is different and everything is priced per sq/ft and complexity, give us a call to discuss your project.)
      9. Do I need to be home when you come out to do the Estimate?  ( NO, but we would certainly like to shake your hand and meet you as we explain our process )
      10. Do I need to be home when you come out to pressure wash?   ( NO, you do not need to be home the "day of" the cleaning, if you are not going to be there, we do require full payment up front.)
      11. Are you Insured? ( Yes, we are backed with a $2 Million Dollar Insurance Policy )
      12. Do you Accept Credit Cards? ( Yes, we can take payment with a card reader in the field or you can pay the invoice through a link in an email )
      13. Do you offer discounts for Senior Citizens?   ( Yes, we offer a 10% Discount to Seniors 65+ )
      14. Do you have any Certifications?     ( Yes, we are Certified in Plant & Property Protection through - Spray Wash Academy & Each Staff member is OSHA 1910 Certified )
      15. Do you offer discounts for HOA's?   ( Yes, we love to work groups in HOA's/ We offer significant package discounts )
      16. Do you use harmful chemicals on our home?    ( No, we have invested thousands of dollars in our education to deliver the best possible results with out ever subjecting your home to damage from harmful chemicals. )
      17. Are you on Google?    ( Yes, we are the highest rated Soft Washing/ Roof Cleaning Company in WNC. )


      Why you should Hire WNC Wash Pro's for your Exterior Cleaning Needs

      • We are the Highest Rated Exterior Cleaning Company in Western North Carolina. (Our Customer Service is 2nd to none.)
      • 5 Year Spot Free Warranties
      • Certified in Plant & Property Protection ( Spray Wash Academy )
      • $2Mil Insurance Policy ( We can add to our policy based on your Company needs )
      • Best Equipment in the industry
      • Professionally dressed and clean cut technicians
      • All Vehicles are either wrapped or have proper vinyl lettering
      • Proper safety equipment ( Per OSHA )
      • Amazing customer service
      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
      • 24/Hr Emergency Service
      • 24/Hr Free Estimates
      • Take advantage Now & Book Your Free Estimate Online