What Is Soft Washing

Soft Washing is using a dedicated pumping system to deliver an exact mixture of detergent, targeted to a specific surface at pressures less than 600 psi.

By using " Soft Washing techniques ", it allows the technician to kill the underlying root structure of organic growth. Such as Algae, Mildew, Moss, Mold and Lichen. High pressure can cause damage to various forms of siding, including, but not limited to Vinyl, Dryvit, Wood, Hardy Plank Board and Stucco.

Soft Washing is also Not manually removing contaminants with pressure.


Why WNC Wash Pro's Does Soft Washing

WNC Wash Pro's always uses soft washing to restore the quality of your roof, siding, soffits and fascia boards. It’s the safest way to remove mold, dirt, bird droppings, mildew, and more from each and every home – without posing a threat to the quality of your house.

Combining effective cleaning solutions with a detail-oriented soft washing method, our team will restore your property to just like new.

With no more pressure then what comes out of a garden hose.


Can you use Soft Washing on Everything?


You Can Not use Soft Washing on Everything, but you might be amazed at what you can softwash!

For instance, if you have some oil spots on your concrete driveway. The low pressure that soft washing offers will not allow you to eliminate those types of stains. You can apply detergents with the equipment, you just can't remove the contaminants. Soft washing really becomes irrelevant when dealing with this type of situation.

However, with our Concrete Cleaning Service from WNC Wash Pro's, we can gurantee that we do in fact remove those ugly concrete stains.

WNC Wash Pro's is proud to help our customers maintain the quality of their biggest investment. Take advantage of our super soaker savings package and start with a free estimate today.

The Cleaning Solutions We Use