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Extend The Life of Your Residential Roof With These Great Tips!

Approximately 5 million new roofs are installed in the United States every year. Most homeowners work very hard to keep their existing roof functional so they can avoid the expense of having a new roof installed. If you aren’t serious about roofing maintenance, it is only a matter of time before this important part of your home fails. Rather than leaving your roof vulnerable, you have to work hard to maintain your roof and catch repair issues before they do tons of damage.

Extending the life of your residential roof is only possible with the assistance of an experienced roofing contractor. Working with a contractor with experience will help you avoid possibly damaging your roof during a DIY repair attempt. If you want to add a few years to your roof’s life expectancy, consider the useful information below.

Keep Your Residential Roof Clean

Some homeowners fail to realize how fragile the asphalt shingles that comprise their roofs are. Over time, shingles will take a lot of abuse from the elements. Not only does the sun dry out these shingles over time, too much moisture can also lead to the development of shingle mold/mildew. Allowing these substances to grow on your roof will damage the shingles and reduce the amount of curb appeal your home has.

Instead of allowing this to happen, you need to invest in professional roof cleaning services. Working with the team at WNC Wash Pro’s will allow you to get your roof cleaned for an affordable price. We provide free estimates to all of our customers. Contact us today and schedule one of these estimates!

Watch Out For Gutter Problems

When working correctly, gutter systems will remove water from your roof and from around your home’s foundation. The longer you have gutters on your home, the higher the risk will become of them getting clogged. Leaves and sticks are two of the most common things you will find in a residential gutter system. If you are not checking your gutters routinely, these clogs will only get worse.

Having your gutters professionally cleaned is a great way to limit the amount of damage your roof experiences. During these cleanings, professionals will also inspect your gutters. If small issues are detected during this inspection, you need to fix them immediately to avoid long-term problems.

Hire Professionals To Trim Trees

Are there large tree branches hanging over your roof? If so, you need to have them removed before they fall and poke holes in your roof. Each year, trees cause millions of dollars’ worth of property damage in the United States. If you want to save money and extend the life of your residential roof, then having your trees professionally trimmed is imperative. By removing these hazards, you can keep your home in pristine shape.

It’s Time To Schedule a Roof Cleaning

Is your roof looking dirty and moldy? If so, contact WNC Wash Pro’s and schedule a roof cleaning immediately.