A Cut Above – In Pressure Washing And Other Work

People may have used this parade phrase before, saying a business is a cut above the competition. But they might have been talking about a barbershop! Well, this phrase has a lot more application to other kinds of work. 

When you’re doing it right, you should be a cut above. We feel that way here, in our service to the great community of Asheville, North Carolina, and being able to help property owners do the best they can to maintain their real estate. 

For years we have been instrumental in all kinds of property projects, helping to keep surfaces in great condition, whether a concrete sidewalk, a wooden deck, or other structural elements important to property owners. 

Customer Communications 

Good communication is one of the key things in providing that superior level of customer service!

The better you communicate with customers, the more confident and assured they feel both before, during, and after the job is done – the whole way “through the pipeline,” so to speak. 

That means being able to explain when you will be on-site, what you’ll get done, the method, and how you’ll help improve a property. Remember, the customer is not an expert, so they called a company! They need to know how you’re going to address their need. 

You can see more about our services, like graffiti disposal and more, on the website. Still, we also explain these things while we are on-site to help customers understand our method.

Working with Insurance

The best companies also know how to work with insurance to get things covered.

Sometimes the phrase “working with insurance” just generates groans. That’s especially true for people who know how insurance companies try to deny things to avoid costs. 

So you have an instance of vandalism, storm damage, or something like that…

Will you be able to work with the insurance company?

The company that you call for help remediating issues matters when it comes to dealing with insurance people. We are skilled in this process to help our customers save money and time.

A Vibrant Business

One way to see whether a business is doing well in its field is to look at its hiring process.

On the site, you can see that we’re constantly hiring people and bringing them up the ladder, from trainee to technician to supervisor, etc.

So that’s another component of how we stand head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to power washing and those other core property services. Give us a call, and feel confident about getting work done in the Asheville, NC, area.