That Slimy Stuff - And Other Use Cases For Power Washing

That Slimy Stuff – And Other Use Cases For Power Washing

Sometimes you don’t even know what it is that’s making your property look dirty or unsightly.

Over time, things just get looking pretty shabby. One of the usual suspects is slimy mildew or moldy buildup on surfaces. You might see this stuff crop up on your brick walkway, or on a particular surface of a building, or on some kind of yard installation that has seen better days.

Power washing can easily and quickly eliminate all of this gunk and grime attached to your brick or other materials. You get good coverage with the right equipment, and much of what is bothering you will come right off. 

Rather than tearing everything out and re-doing it, you can get a nice, new look simply by scouring off the surface of something durable to see the clean product underneath. We’ve done this hundreds of times, so we know what we’re discussing. We also have the satisfied customers to show that these projects often work wonders at a property, whether a home or a business, and whether you’re handling materials like brick or stone, for example, wood or vinyl. 

Deck and Wood Installations

Then there’s also your wooden decks and patio surfaces, not to mention others surfaced with vinyl or composite.

In each case, we can take high-powered wash cycles and get the stuff looking bright and brand-new.

It’s helpful sometimes to compare different kinds of home-improvement projects. For example, think about the cost of painting something compared to power washing. With painting, you’re paying a lot for the materials – sometimes as much as $50 a gallon.

With power washing, there are no materials costs, and you can get a great result more quickly and with less labor. 

Hard and Soft Power Washing

One of the important components of power washing services is knowing how to approach each surface and installation.

Some companies just go in “guns blazing” with high-powered, high-PSI solutions, but some of these can sometimes take off too much of a surface layer, or damage what they’re hitting in certain ways.

That has led to a process called soft washing that’s perfect for some kinds of roofing or decks or anything else that needs a gentler touch.

At WNC Wash Pros, we have the professional capacity to figure out what works best for each surface and how to make your property shine while keeping it in safe and serviceable condition.

Look at our before-and-after gallery for more about how this works. Contact us to work on projects in the Asheville, NC, area. We stand behind our professionalism and care for customers who need their properties to look their best and be maintained well over time!