Possible Reasons Why Your Concrete is Stained

Choosing the right building materials for your home improvement projects can be difficult. When trying to construct a driveway or patio, you need to opt for a material that is both durable and appealing. Concrete is perhaps one of the most used building materials on the planet. 

Every year, over 109 million metric tons of concrete is used in the United States. If you have multiple surfaces around your home that are paved with concrete, your main goal should be to keep them clean. Staining can affect the look of your concrete surfaces. This is why you need to educate yourself about common causes of concrete stains and how to avoid them. 

Staining Caused By Potted Plants

Finding ways to make the outside of your home more beautiful is probably one of your top concerns. Accomplishing this goal will be easy if you add lots of vibrantly colored flowers to your home’s exterior. Most people put their flowers in decorative pots to make it easier to water and care for them. While these pots can be helpful, they can also create stains that can tarnish your concrete surfaces. The longer a flower pot is left in the same spot on a concrete surface, the easier it will be for water to build up. 

This water build-up will eventually create a ring-shaped stain on the concrete surface. If you notice one or more of the flower pot stains on your concrete patio or driveway, you need to reach out to professionals for assistance. At WNC Wash Pro’s, you can get the concrete cleaning help you need for a reasonable price. Once our team is done with your concrete surfaces, they will look new again. 

Rust Can Be Problematic For Concrete Surfaces 

When metal items are returned to their unrefined state, rust will start to arise. If you have metal lawn furniture on a concrete patio, it is only a matter of time before rust spots start to surface. Rust spots can also be caused by lawn fertilizers that contain lots of iron. 

If you have started to notice one or more rust spots on the concrete surfaces around your home, it is time to have them removed. With the help of power washing professionals, you can get rid of unappealing rust stains in a hurry. 

Grease and Oil Can Stain Concrete

Most homes have multiple cars parked in their concrete driveways. One of the main things a car needs to stay running smoothly is the right amount of oil. Over time, seals and other engine components can get damaged and result in oil leaks. 

Having concrete driveways that are covered in dark oil spots can be very frustrating. If an oil-stained driveway is reducing your curb appeal, it is time to do something about it. By having your driveway cleaned by professionals, you can remove these oil stains with no problem. 

Instead of trying to remove concrete stains on your own, you need to let the team at WNC Wash Pro’s help you out.