Residential Roof Mold, Asheville, NC

Why Having Residential Roof Mold Removed is So Important

Keeping up with the maintenance needs a home has is no easy task. The main priority a homeowner should have is staying one step ahead of serious repair issues. The only way to accomplish this goal is by working with the right professionals. While most homeowners are well aware of the damage missing roof shingles can cause, many are unaware of the risk posed by roof mold.

A recent study found that nearly 70% of the homes in the United States have mold. Not only can roof mold cause shingle discoloration, it can also cause respiratory problems. Having residential mold removed is important and here are some reasons why.

Roof Mold is an Eyesore

Most homeowners work extremely hard to maintain a high level of curb appeal. If any part of your home’s exterior is not properly cared for, it is only a matter of time before your curb appeal levels plummet. When seeing your home from a distance, people passing by will get a clear view of your roof. If the roof is covered in dark mold spots, it will reduce the appeal your home has.

Rather than allowing your curb appeal to be negatively impacted by these mold spots, you need to take action. Working with the team at WNC Wash Pro’s is a great way to get your roof cleaned the right way. Once we are done cleaning your roof, it will look new again.

This Mold Can Easily Spread

One of the main concerns you should have when discovering roof mold issues is it spreading. If this mold makes its way into the interior portion of your home, you will encounter a laundry list of new problems. If roof mold moves indoors, it can cause a host of health problems. You can avoid these problems by taking action as soon as you notice dark spots on your roof.

In most cases, roof mold is an indication that moisture is getting underneath your shingles. Discovering these moisture issues early on can help you protect the structural elements of your residential roof. Once you uncover the underlying cause of this mold, you can fix these issues and avoid these problems in the future.

Keep Rodents Away

Rodent infestations are something most homeowners try to avoid. If your roof is moldy and damp, it can attract rodents to your home. The moisture in the wood will make it soft, which will lead to rodents chewing on your roof. Not only will this damage your roof, it will also lead to more rodents finding their way into your home.

You will experience lots of damage if you have a home full of rodents. This is why you need to get the mold on your roof removed as soon as possible. Allowing professionals to wash your roof can help you eliminate mold in a hurry.

Are you currently dealing with problems caused by a dirty roof? If so, it is time to call in the professionals at WNC Wash Pro’s to clean it.