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Four Major Considerations In Roof Cleaning Projects

Over time, roofing areas tend to get different sorts of pressures and normal wear with age.

Part of that has to do with what’s around the building, and how different types of debris and external materials wind up on the roof deck itself. This challenge can be a frustrating one, especially if gutters and spouts end up compromised, or if the buildup has a deleterious effect on the roof itself. 

In serving the Asheville area and surrounding communities, we’ve come up with some pretty consistent standards for work, and issues that we look at in terms of roof cleaning projects.

Here are four things to keep in mind as you are evaluating that very important system that protects the rest of your building.

What Falls On a Roof?

In some cases, cleaning is mainly aimed at removing items like bird droppings, weather-blown debris or other similar materials.

However, in some cases, nearby vegetation can drop particular items on a roof that also need to be cleaned up appropriately.

Figuring out the extent of the problem is part of creating the solution.

Roof Pitch

The roof pitch is also critically important for these projects.

Your standard roof has the type of angle that makes it somewhat difficult to stand on, but also does provide for some amount of vertical access.

By contrast, you can see in our gallery some of the extreme roof pitches where you have to attack this issue from the ground or from a mounted ladder or scaffolding machine.

Water Pressure

Here’s where our expertise and capability comes in.

When you want to wash a roof, you want a system that doesn’t use excessive water pressure that can strip off shingles or other material and compromise the roofing envelope.

We call our process soft washing, and it works to remove contaminants without undue strain on the building structure itself. Ask us about how we apply this process to help you to safeguard your investment in your property. 

Size of the Roof

Jobs are also bid by size. The bigger the roof, the bigger the job. Measuring external perimeter and area are part of the process of estimating and figuring out how to address a particular task.

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