Quality Of Service With the Wash Pros

Yes, we’ve talked quite a bit on the blog about power washing and how it works. We teach customers about these services every day, while we’re on site at properties, and you can go back through the blog and get quite a wealth of information about how we perform these services. You can also read about why they’re so necessary for many property owners, and how items like mold and mildew unfortunately take hold. 

But let’s also talk about an important philosophy in business, especially this type of business. It’s quality of service.

It’s the idea that people have to trust the people who are calling to come work on their property. Otherwise, you run into all kinds of problems!


If you’ve been on our website lately, you’ve seen how we put a banner at the top talking about our compliance with CDC and OSHA regulation.

Why is that?

Well, for starters, it’s because some local businesses without a dedication to customer safety may not advertise this, but may not even put the common sense precautions in place! Have you experienced this during the pandemic? 

We feel that you shouldn’t be pressured to have someone come to your home and want to work without a mask, or disregard current CDC regulations or guidelines.

From the other side, we also feel that OSHA compliance is a key part of protecting our workers. That’s another best practice that not all companies follow – but by federal law, they’re supposed to, and really, it’s the right thing to do. Instead of fighting OSHA, we should embrace OSHA and make it part of our standard of business. 

So we’re proud of that. But in general, it’s the quality of work that’s important in our line of business. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We also have a satisfaction guarantee, to put any of your concerns to rest before the job is started.

When you know that you have recourse in the case of a concern, you’re more likely to move forward in a positive way and want to pay for a home improvement job. It also helps if the company that you’re paying knows how to listen!

That’s just a bit about the quality of service that we’ve built here and the corporate culture that we embrace.

On the website, you’ll see many examples of this policy and procedure in action, along with our technical experience with making surfaces and systems look new again. Contact us to reimagine what you can do with your property.