The Joys Of Vinyl SidingThe Joys Of Vinyl Siding

Let’s talk about keeping your property’s exterior in great shape.


Let’s face it, things get dingy and dirty over time. That’s just the nature of time itself. But without getting all philosophical about it, we can talk about ways to help keep your property looking better!


At WNC Wash Pros, we have a dedication to making your property look excellent, like a new-built home. That involves taking old, gritty, worn or begrimed areas, and making them shine through the power of pressure washing!


Vinyl Siding: What’s Not to Love?


To many property owners, vinyl siding is great. It’s relatively easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and looks great on your walls and other exterior surfaces. You can even find different types of green or recycled vinyl siding for more ecological projects. And it comes in so many different vibrant colors!


But sometimes those colors don’t stay crisp forever…


Creeping Mold


Now, what happens to that vinyl siding over time?


Without some attention and TLC over time, this stuff can get pretty grimy. In some cases, it can also harbor various kinds of mold and mildew that really discolor the vinyl fairly quickly – perhaps growing aggressively over each year, and compounding if not treated in some way.


It can be difficult to deal with these types of home improvement issues, because they happen so slowly. Mold and mildew on vinyl siding are often off the radar for homeowners – that is, until the problem gets really bad. If you find yourself staring at a green wall of slime, you probably waited too long!


Mildew and related stuff can make vinyl siding look old and shabby, and can even damage the underlying vinyl siding itself.


The Right People


Yes, you can get up on a ladder with a sponge and tackle that stuff yourself. But it will take hours and hours of hard labor, almost like chipping away at concrete with a paring knife.


Another option is to call the professionals – with an array of professional resources, WNC Wash Pros can apply the right power wash to your vinyl siding and other surfaces to get everything looking sparkly clean, without damaging or destroying anything underneath.


Part of professional power washing is knowing when to deploy a harder wash or a softer wash, to get rid of the dirt and grime without unduly blasting the structure underneath.


Take a look at what we offer in the Carolina area. We want to help you to make your property look its best, and we put the muscle into getting the job done right.