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There’s no denying pressure washing is a fast and convenient way to clean hard exterior surfaces, including the exteriors of a home. It makes otherwise long and tedious cleaning jobs a lot easier than other traditional cleaning methods. The question now is does easier necessarily mean safer? More importantly, is pressure washing actually good or bad for the environment? 

Both are valid questions, and the good news is yes, pressure washing is safe when instructions are followed correctly, and yes, pressure washing is environmentally friendly. Let’s talk about that in more detail!

The Benefits Of Using Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing

As mentioned earlier, pressure washing is a fast and highly convenient way of cleaning the exteriors of a house and the areas around the house, such as the driveway and patio. In addition to removing dust, dirt, mold, grime, mud, and other gunk that make a house look untidy, it can even be used to remove patches of loose paint for a new paint job. It can even help restore the vibrant look of brick houses that have started to look dull with age.

The best thing about pressure washing, however, is that it removes a lot of unwanted materials from a house’s exterior without damaging the wood and concrete that the house is comprised of.

How Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Works

Lake Junaluska Pressure Washing

When deciding on ways to clean the exteriors of your house and the surrounding area without causing any harm to the environment, it makes sense to question the safety of pressure washing. The great news for homeowners considering pressure washing is that it’s a lot safer for the environment than other cleaning methods. In fact, let’s further break down all the different ways pressure washing benefits the environment! 

Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Cleans Areas Quickly

The first major benefit of environmentally friendly pressure washing is that it’s highly effective at cleaning areas quickly. Given the size of homes, driveways, and patios, scrubbing these areas clean using household items and chemicals can be long and tedious, not to mention some of those household cleaning chemicals can contain harmful compounds. 

With environmentally friendly pressure washing, all that’s needed is a pressure washing machine, a water source, a hose and a spray gun, and you just spray away at the concrete. The highly pressurized water takes care of all the cleaning for you so that there won’t be any required post-wash scrubbing. When you hire a professional to do it for you, you won’t have to do anything on your part except sit back and relax while the professional does all the pressure washing for you.

Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Does Not Use Many Natural Resources

Another major perk of environmentally friendly pressure washing is that it doesn’t require much use of natural resources other than water. While some people may mistakenly believe pressure washing uses up a lot of water, the fact is it doesn’t due to how quickly the job gets done compared to other cleaning methods. For comparison, a pressure washer uses less than 75% of water to clean a patio or driveway compared to using a regular garden hose

The other major advantage of pressure washing is that it helps restore hard surfaces and other items without any additional cleaning chemicals. This is especially true of bricks and siding with are more expensive to replace, not to mention not environmentally friendly. In the latter case, replacing bricks, concrete, and other parts of a house will result in more trees being cut down and the Earth being depleted of more sand, rocks, and clay. To restore the look of your house, pressure washing does this without requiring anything to be replaced.  

Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Is More Affordable Than Replacing

Related to that last point, in addition to not further depleting the Earth of its natural resources, environmentally friendly pressure washing is a much cheaper alternative to replacing the driveway’s concrete and any parts of the house. In many cases, it’ll only cost around $200 minimum to get a house and surrounding areas pressure washed and around $800 to pressure wash a bigger space. This is less than $1000, which is where replacement costs tend to end up and sometimes higher than that.

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Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Assists With Local Watershed Protection

Throughout the United States, every state has different laws and standards in place for managing wastewater by area and municipality. These laws exist to keep the environment safe for residents. Environmentally friendly pressure washing helps on this front by having pressure washing companies file necessary permits and by reclaiming wastewater as a way of catching pollutants.

Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Requires Little To No Chemicals

Related to the point about environmentally friendly pressure washing not requiring much use of natural resources, the same is true of specialized chemicals. Because pressure washing relies on highly pressurized water to remove dirt and other unwanted materials from surfaces, there is rarely a need to use enhancement cleaning chemicals. 

The only time that cleaning chemicals would need to be used is in situations where there are tough oil and grease stains present, along with tough dirt and other hard-to-remove material. In this case, environmentally friendly pressure washing chemicals exist to assist on this front. None of the environmentally friendly pressure washing chemicals contains bleach or formaldehyde, which should be avoided anyway.  

An even better alternative for removing tough materials from surfaces, however, is to use a power washer. These are more specialized pressure washers that heat up water and remove tough matter quickly and more efficiently at the right pressure.

Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Is Safer and Healthier

The last thing to bring up about environmentally friendly pressure washing is that it removes other harmful substances from your home’s exterior walls that can be harmful to both human and animal health. These harmful substances include pathogenic bacteria, algae, fungi, mold, and mildew. 

Power washers are especially the best to use on these harmful substances as heat denatures proteins and breaks apart other bonds that hold bacteria and other harmful microorganisms together, effectively killing them. As such, there is no risk of inhaling or ingesting any of these harmful substances or toxins.

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Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Final Thoughts

All things taken into account, there really is no reason not to choose pressure washing as a safe, environmentally friendly method of cleaning surfaces. Pressure washing uses very little to no natural resources, does not rely on cleaning chemicals to get the job done, and is a lot cheaper than replacing concrete and any other hard surfaces around your house and property. 

Environmentally friendly pressure washing is also highly effective at restoring surfaces and making them look brand new again. It also helps to keep everyone safe by complying with local wastewater laws and by destroying other harmful substances that are toxic to animals and humans alike.

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