Dellwood NC Pressure Washing Parking Lots

Dellwood NC Pressure Washing Parking Lots

Parking lots. We all use them. Regardless if we drive a car ourselves or catch a ride with a friend or family member, at some point we find ourselves on them, most notably when we go out shopping or visit some friends. Parking lots are also one of the dirtiest places to be in and it’s not hard to see why: hundreds of cars are parked in them in varying conditions. 

While parked in a parking space, cars leak liquids and people walk around. People also use parking lots as hangout spots and dispose of waste on them. It’s not even unheard of for people to vomit on parking lots. Even weather conditions make parking lots dirty, from rain moving dirt and other trash around to hurricanes blasting debris everywhere.

With everything that happens on parking lots on a day-to-day basis, you can already imagine what it’s like to regularly clean and maintain them: it’s quite a hassle, especially when they have to be repaired as well due to human activity and other outdoor conditions. The good news is there is a fast and easy way to maintain parking lots that can help mitigate the buildup of dirt, debris, and damages that occur as a result of prolonged negligence. The answer is pressure washing

Not only is pressure washing specifically designed for cleaning hard exterior surfaces like concrete, but they’re a fast and easy of keeping parking lots clean and well-maintained. Let’s break that down further.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Parking Lots

As mentioned earlier, pressure washers are made for quickly cleaning hard exterior surfaces like concrete parking lots. Pressure washers work by ejecting highly pressurized water from a specialized hose that blasts away dirt, debris, and other gunk from concrete surfaces. 

In special cases where there are grease stains, oil marks, tough dirt buildup, and other hard-to-remove materials, power washers are used. Power washers are specialized pressure washers that heat up the water as they blast, which is highly effective at disrupting the bonds that hold these tough materials in place and washing them away.

Steps to Pressure Washing A Parking Lot

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Now that we know what pressure washers are and how they work, let’s talk about how they can be used to clean a dirty and highly stained parking lot in a couple of simple steps!

Step 1: Know How To Use A Pressure Washer

This one might qualify as a no-brainer, but it does need saying: you need to know how a pressure washer works and how to use it. Luckily, all pressure washers come with a manual, which must be read carefully in order to become familiar with all the different machine components and controls. The manual will also inform you on how to maintain the pressure washer’s engine oil levels before you start using it to wash the parking lot. Once you have all the basics of your pressure washer down, the machine will be easy for you to operate independent of any assistance.

Step 2: Set The Pressure Washer Up To Get Started

Once you have your washer pressure out to start cleaning, you’ll need to connect one end of the machine’s hose to a water source and connect the other end to the pressure washer itself. You will then need to connect the pressure washer’s gun assembly to the other end of the hose and ensure the collar snaps are in place. The collar snaps will ensure both ends of the connection are fully secured. From there, you’ll need to expel excess air from the pressure washer’s system and then you’ll be ready to start washing.

Step 3: Add Cleaning Solution To The Pressure Washer

As mentioned earlier, parking lots can be extremely tough to clean due to grease and oil stains, tough dirt buildup, and other hard-to-remove gunk. In the absence of a power washer, a pressure washer can still be highly effective at removing these tough materials by adding an eco-friendly cleaning solution to the machine. This will help speed up the process of cleaning without having to do any manual scrubbing later. The only thing to be aware of is making sure the eco-friendly solution you choose is compatible with the pressure washer you’re using. 

Step 4: Start Spraying The Parking Lot Clean

Once the pressure washer is all set to go, the last step, of course, is to start spraying. You’ll first need to remove all loose debris and other objects that can be an obstruction to the pressure washer. You’ll then need to test the pressure level to determine the right amount of distance between the parking lot surface and the pressure washer’s spray gun. This can be easily done by spraying a small patch of the parking lot until the right distance is determined. This will also help ensure that the parking lot will be evenly washed throughout. 

Once preparation steps are completed, you’ll be able to start washing the parking lot, beginning with the block corner and working your way towards the middle of the parking lot. For cleaning inaccessible parts of a parking lot, be sure to use the other wands and accessories that come with your pressure washer.

Additional Pressure Washing Advice 

  • To yield the best results for your parking lot, be sure to purchase a pressure washer from a highly reputable brand that prioritizes using the latest pressure washing technology as well as selling a user-friendly product. This includes selling pressure washers that come with accessories like wands and brushes to get your parking lot clean.
  • If you’re able to, invest in a power washer that allows you to adjust the water’s temperature settings to maximize cleaning results.
  • To help save time and improve cleaning results, it’s advised that you use your pressure washer’s floor brush attachments.

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