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The Importance of Soft Washing Fleet Vehicles

When it comes to fleet management, one of your primary obligations is to ensure that your drivers are productive, engaged, and committed to the company’s goals. Your organization and its drivers could benefit from fleet washing issues in ways you never anticipated. Using the following pointers, your company’s vehicles will always have their best “foot” forward when they hit the open road. Be mindful of this fact when you’re driving about town in your fleet vehicles, which are your company’s public face. Make sure your fleet is constantly in top condition. Vehicles such as semi-trucks, tractors, dump trucks, utility trucks, buses, and trailers need to be pressure washed often to keep them in good working order. Engine cleaning is important for a vehicle’s longevity, so don’t forget about it! Soft Washing your fleet on a regular basis should be part of your normal maintenance schedule. It’s for this reason that the Soft Washing industry has branched out into serving fleet owners. Soft Washing can be done in-house by some companies, that acquire their own equipment and employ their own maintenance or janitorial personnel. Others hire a pressure washing firm to do the work. Managers, on the other hand, have come to appreciate the advantages of fleet pressure washing cleaning, regardless of who conducts it.

Hire a Professional

Fleet washing is an essential aspect of any vehicle maintenance program, no matter how many trucks you own. When your vehicles are on the road a lot, it’s extra important to keep them clean with fleet washing. WNC Wash Pros in Asheville, for example, provides commercial fleet washing services that are done on-site and don’t cost a fortune in water, cleaning equipment, or manpower. Consider the advantages of using a fleet washing service instead of doing it yourself. Employing the services of a fleet washing business might help you save money on cleaning expenses. A power washing company will bring its own cleaning equipment to your place because this is their line of work. Any specific power washing recommendations that can be helpful in cleaning are also provided by the cleaning company. You don’t have to break the bank with commercial fleet washing, which is efficient and thorough. An advantage of working with a business is that its technicians are trained specialists with extensive backgrounds. If you hire a competent fleet washing company, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your vehicles.

In addition to saving money, working with a fleet cleaning company will allow you to do other tasks more quickly. Keep your fleet clean without having to go out and buy the right power washing equipment or the right chemicals. You also don’t have to spend hours washing your fleet in the harsh sunlight. More importantly, you’re not making your drivers sit in line at an automated cleaning service, which wastes their time. Real technicians from power washing companies come to clean your fleets, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for them to be cleaned. A skilled fleet wash protects your vehicles most of all. Because your vehicles spend a lot of time on the road, they are exposed to salt, grit, and other potentially harmful substances. Fleet washing with a skilled power washing firm will remove these harmful toxins and leave your vehicles looking wonderful. Furthermore, qualified power washing professionals can ensure that you receive the greatest possible cleaning for your automobiles. Each job is assessed by a team of experts to ensure that you receive the best clean possible without causing damage to the surfaces being cleaned. It’s safe to say that a competent fleet washing business will take care of your vehicles while they’re being cleaned.

Visibility of your Logo

Having your company emblem on the vehicles in your fleet does not simply serve as a fashion statement. The purpose of the branding on these vehicles is to help them stand out in traffic. You can always tell which news station is covering an accident as you’re driving by. When a power line goes down, you immediately know who is responsible for getting it back up and running. Everyone knows exactly what a person’s meal will be when it’s being delivered. That’s because these logos are meant to be advertisements. You may not be able to see the logo if they are covered with grime, mud, and soot. To begin with, a company’s image needs to be sanitized. You get the feeling that the corporation doesn’t care when you see a dirty vehicle. And if they don’t care about keeping a professional image, what kind of service can they expect to provide?

The frequency with which your fleet is washed should be determined ahead of time. Is it possible to schedule one day each month or week for everyone to bring their cars into the shop? If the job is being outsourced, this is the only way it can be done.

Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles Could Pay for Itself

Cost savings is the primary reason why firms prefer to wash their fleets in-house rather than outsourcing to a fleet wash company. Outsourcing, on the other hand, makes greater sense for pretty much any reason at all! And a cost-benefit analysis reveals that it will save you money! Here are the costs of doing fleet cleaning in-house, as well as the benefits of doing it outside the company. If you already have wash bays and equipment, it’s still more cost-effective to hire a service provider to wash your trucks rather than do it on your own. It would cost about $125,000 to install a wash bay of your own. Drainage, an oil and water separator, and suitable licenses are required. The average cost of a mobile unit is $75,000 per unit.

Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles and the Environment

Pressure washers are able to clean your fleet in a short period of time because of the way they operate. As a result, using a pressure washer requires extremely little energy and water, compared to utilizing a garden hose, for example. In the majority of pressure washing companies, detergents that can harm the environment have been eliminated from their cleaning products. Instead, they’re switching to biodegradable detergents or not using any at all. The use of water recovery devices for fleet pressure washing has also been used by contractors. When it comes to the amount of water used to wash a fleet of 15 school buses, you can easily estimate how much water is required. Reusing water is possible by using a water recovery system, which reduces the amount of water that is wasted. However, preserving groundwater from waste products is as important as simply getting rid of it. Many local governments and municipalities are now requiring water recovery in order to protect our water supply.

Using a pressure washer speeds up the process of cleaning your cars. Again, time and money saved equal money saved. One of the best investments you can make as a business owner is to hire a pressure washing firm to clean your fleet. Washing your fleet isn’t something that can be accomplished with a pressure spray. In-house or professional washers can use our equipment. Contact us today at WNC Wash Pors in Asheville, NC  for a free estimate on pressure washing fleet vehicles!