Power Washing & Pressure Washing

Three Extra Use Cases For Power Washing

To a lot of people, it’s simply an old hat that you can power wash certain surfaces and make them sparkling clean.

Many of us are familiar with the way that a good power wash rinses accumulated grime off of a concrete walkway, and makes it look bright and new.

Ditto for wooden deck spaces, with all of the mold and mildew and debris and contaminants they can attract over the years.

But then there are some other ways to use power washing that people might not think about as much. We do all of this for property owners in the Asheville region, for some excellent results that help you get more out of your property and your assets.


Yes, certain types of upholstery can benefit from a power washing approach. That’s not to say you can just put your living room couch out on the deck and spray it down. But there are certain kinds of traditional upholstery that have a denser and stiffer build that can react well to power washing implementation. In addition, we also have soft washing procedures that can be good for this type of material. Another similar type of material is plastic upholstery that provides weather resistant surfaces for foam or cushion seat materials.


Brick does get dirty. Just ask anyone with a legacy brick property.

Over time, brick attracts dirt and grime, just like any other surface. At the same time, some of the brick can break down, and mortar can become loose, leading to the necessity of brick pointing. You’ll see this at work in so many historic properties, which hopefully have caretakers who can make sure that this important maintenance gets done. 

One little-known trick is to apply power washing before brick pointing, so that your pointing procedure gets deeper into the original build and does more to shore up your structural base.


Stucco looks great when it’s new, but it often ends up looking pretty shabby.

Here again, there’s a certain PSI you have to think about and soft washing can end up playing an important role.

What do all three of these materials have in common? With the right approach and the right attention to detail, they can also be cleaned and improved by power washing experience.

Check out everything that we do around North Carolina and ask us about our services to get your roof, your concrete, your deck and the rest of your property in excellent shape.