Lake Junaluska Pressure Washing

Power Washing Around Here: Different Property Needs

In reality, the area that we serve includes some pretty nice communities and sort of high-end residential neighborhoods where properties need to look good. Asheville, for example, is a major tourist destination, and around Biltmore is a part of the country where people take pride in the appearance of their properties. There are also a lot of people driving through and looking around!

That’s part of what keeps us busy serving residential and business clients around this area. Over time, exteriors will get grimy and dirty with all of the effects of the old-growth forests that many of them are situated in, and the general wear and tear of the seasons…

But that’s not all we help with.

Graffiti Issues

A while back, we had a specific project where a customer had a really annoying problem.

There was a business property that stood vacant for a length of time, maybe a few months. As soon as nobody was there on a daily basis, the local neighborhood kids were out there tagging the building and the surrounding concrete walls that were previously used for creating inventory spaces.

The property owner was pretty distraught, because the whole thing looked like an eyesore. Neighbors were complaining, too, as they will, and it wasn’t possible to lease the place looking like that 

This wasn’t a mural; it was a collection of tags that made the property and everything around it look pretty run-down.

Luckily we specialize in graffiti removal, and we were able to tackle that project as well as others where we are power washing for property maintenance.

The average project involves cleaning collected grime off of surfaces. Concrete needs to be maintained to stand up well over the years. Otherwise you’re going to start considering pouring all new slabs, or installing all new block, and that’s expensive, to say the least. 

Even things like wood and brick need the occasional wash down. And we’re not talking about trickling water onto them with a garden hose.

After a professional power wash, the brick and the mortar look sparkling clean. With wood, you get all of the mold and mildew and other debris off, and you can actually see the grain, which is really beautiful.

So let’s talk about your project in the local area. What do you need done at your property? With a little TLC and professional care, you’ll get more out of your home or business property and its beautiful architecture.