Signs Your Home May Be Heading For Structural Damage

Signs Your Home May Be Heading For Structural Damage

All homes experience minor damage and build-up of dirt and grime, but how do you know if your home is heading for a structural catastrophe? As a homeowner, spotting the early warning sign of structural problems is vital for your property’s maintenance and overall longevity, especially if it is an older structure.

If left untreated, minor home exterior issues can turn into costly repairs and, more importantly, an unsafe structure. Prevention of structural problems is always the best method of preserving your home’s integrity which is why you must stay on top of exterior maintenance.

House Settlement

Keep in mind that houses will settle over time as a degree of movement is inevitable. Minor cosmetic issues may be seen as a result of the settling process; often, these small cracks are easily fixed without fear of harm to the home’s structure. However, cracks in the plasterwork or brickwork of a home’s exterior should never be ignored, and neither should the maintenance issues cause them. Simply patching a problem without correcting its cause will only lead to more future problems.

Structural Issues Resulting From Dampness

More often than not, residential structural problems result from rot. Rot is the product of consistent dampness that doesn’t dry or drain quickly. Weakened rafters in the roof, lintels above windows and doors, floor joists, and even the actual timber frame of the structure can all be due to rot.

Dealing with the origins of rot is the first step in correcting the structural problem it has caused. This means you will need to determine the root of the dampness and take action to correct the problem to move forward into repairing the damage it has created.

Overgrown Landscaping

While you may love the look of a natural landscape, keep in mind that overgrown shrubs and trees can have negative impacts on your home’s exterior and its structure. Not only can limbs beat against the house and break and crack siding and exterior features, but tree roots can also work their way under the frame and begin to weaken it. Ensure you monitor the growth of your landscaping and take care of any roots that pose a threat to your home.

Baked On Exterior Grime

One of the most damaging home exterior issues is also one of the most simple to prevent. Over the years, the exterior of our homes is subjected to an array of harmful elements that weaken its materials. Baked on grime and algae lead to the breakdown of wood and other structural materials and allow moisture to seep in where it doesn’t belong.

While you can pressure wash your home’s exterior yourself, it is recommended that you hire a professional power washing company to tackle the job for you. An experienced technician will ensure the safety of your home’s exterior by using the correct tools and methods of cleaning.