How to Clean the Exterior of a Brick House

Brick adds a rich, timeless look to your home and requires little maintenance. 
But over the years, you’ll notice discoloration, dirt, and grime appear. 
Fortunately, you can make your brick home look as good as new by following our guide on how to clean the exterior of your brick home.

1. Patch Damaged Mortar

Allow for at least a week before cleaning to patch any damaged mortar joints between the bricks. This prevents water from seeping behind the brick when you wash it. If water manages to seep between the brick, this could lead to mold forming in your walls. After patching the mortar, let it harden for seven days.

2. Choose the Right Brick Cleaning Solution

There are many brick cleaning solutions available on the market, but it’s essential to use the right cleaner for your specific type of brick. The wrong cleaning solution may not have any effect or can even cause damage to your brick. Determine what kind of brick you have to choose a brick cleaning solution best suited for your home. Soft washing is also a safe and effective alternative to clean the exterior of your brick home.

3. Protect the Area Surrounding the Brick

Brick cleaning solutions can be harmful to plant life and cause damage to non-brick surfaces on your home. Use a tarp or plastic to protect soil, nearby plants, and any vegetation surrounding the brick. Cover any windows, wooden structures, and non-brick surfaces on your home as best you can. 

4. Wet the Brick

Spray the brick down with a hose to remove any surface dirt and grime before applying the cleaning solution. You also want to make sure the brick is thoroughly wet before using the solvent, as dry brick will absorb the cleaning solution too quickly. This could leave you with discolored brick and not enough cleaning solution left over.

5. Apply the Cleaning Solution

Next, apply the cleaning detergent by spraying from the bottom up, reaching all areas where dirt and grime may appear. Allow it to soak into the brick for 5-10 minutes, loosening all the soil out of the brick and ensuring an excellent, thorough clean.

6. Rinse the Brick

After giving the cleaning solution time to work into the brick, rinse with gentle water pressure. Too much pressure can damage the brick. Spray from top to bottom and move in a slow but steady pattern to evenly remove the dirt and detergent.

7. Apply a Sealant

Let the brick dry for some time before applying a brick and mortar sealant. A proper sealant will help keep your bricks clean, bright, and prevent grime from penetrating the surface to make your brick home look good as new. 

Professional Brick Cleaning Services

Save time and stress by hiring a professional washing service to clean your brick house properly. WNC Wash Pro’s offers expert soft washing and power washing services in Asheville, NC, to restore your brick house to its former glory. Contact us today for a free estimate!