WNC Pressure Washing Company

Power Washing and More for Your Home: How Surfaces Are Different

Want a service company that knows how to treat every area of your property? WNC Wash Pro’s excels in helping property owners to maintain their investments in western North Carolina areas around Asheville and other attractive real estate markets in the region.

Our power spray and home improvement services are based on our philosophy of quality and dedication to transparent communications, fair pricing, and professional attitude and presentation. By committing ourselves to that standard, we build long-term relationships with customers around the Asheville area.

A Range of Services

At WNC Wash Pro’s, we handle roof washing, as well as cleaning. We help with the maintenance of vinyl siding and other types of property exteriors. We also handle other kinds of important home care work, like gutter cleaning and more.

The Right Touch

What does it mean to offer this range of home services?

Essentially, being able to work on a roof as well as different types of siding and flooring requires understanding the actual science of pressure washing itself, and what the best practices are in the industry because that helps to protect the customer’s property!

Experts in the field refer to roof washing as a “soft wash,” because the conventional pressure washing applied to concrete or other exterior areas is usually not appropriate for roofing. By applying too much pressure per square inch (psi) to a roof area, you can actually damage shingles, void a warranty on a roof, or compromise the value of a property in significant ways.

At the same time, some other types of services require higher psi. For instance, one thing that we specialize in is graffiti removal. In some cases, high-pressure washing can be applied there.

The Right Certifications

Here’s another key aspect of what we do at WNC Wash Pros. Our teams have certification from the Spray Wash Academy, which provides our customers with demonstrable proof that we have the skill and experience that it takes to help you maintain your property safely. We also invest in all appropriate safety equipment and PPE, especially in these days of COVID-19 precautions. In addition, we have a $2 million insurance policy applicable to our projects, to give our customers additional confidence that they’re not rolling the dice by getting people on-site to perform home-improvement services.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. At WNC Wash Pro’s, we can provide more information on estimates and everything else that you need to feel well served in getting people on-site to work on your property.