Thoroughly Clean Your Home’s Exterior Prior To Repainting

If you are planning on painting your home’s exterior as this summer’s project, it is important to thoroughly clean it prior to beginning your painting. Cleaning your home’s exterior can be relatively straightforward most of the time, however mildew, mold, and chalky residue can require more extensive treatment to remove.


It is common for homes to develop grime on their siding that can leave brown or black stains. If these areas are normal dirt and grime they can be simply washed away, but if the culprit is mildew you will need to work a little harder. Mildew is a product of fungus that thrives on moisture and dirt.

Any place on the exterior of your home that is mostly shaded or blocked from the sun due to plants, trees, or other structures is a perfect home for the fungus that creates mildew. If you have recurring mildew problems you can have your home washed annually with a mildewcide solution that will keep the growth at bay.

Artillery Fungus

Another common problem that can plague the exterior of your home is artillery fungus. You may have noticed dark specks on your home that can not be wiped away, this is the fruit produced by the artillery fungus. This fungus actually shoots its spores towards bright light, such as the security lighting many of us have on our homes. The spores stick to the surface of your home’s exterior and attach themselves tightly, leaving a black spot that can be very difficult to remove.


Molds are also a type of fungus that can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Molds, like mildew, thrive in damp places. Some mold, such as black mold, can be very dangerous if its spores are inhaled into the body. This makes cleaning of mold a tricky job as it is difficult to determine what type your home may actually have. To keep mold at bay, make sure your home gets plenty of sunlight and that trees and shrubs are kept from touching the home.

Call The Professionals

When you are ready to prepare your home for its fresh new coat of paint, you can call the professionals at WNC Wash Pro’s to make sure all of the grime and fungus is completely removed from the exterior of your home. Armed with the tools and experience needed to cut through the toughest of stains and dirt, WNC Wash Pro’s will have your home in prime painting condition and ready for its new and updated look.