How to make $500 $1000 a day pressure washing

In this video, I show you how to make $500 to $1000 a day pressure washing.

Make sure you just get what equipment you can ( min 4gal a min )

Minimum pressure hose of 150′

minimum of 150′ garden hose

a few 5 gallon buckets

deck scrubbing brush ( lowes )

Soft brissle brush ( amazon )

minimum of 5 yard signs ( keep it simple – ph#, house washing, website is you have one )

business cards ( free online – when you start out )

start a Square up acct to accept Credit Cards ( its FREE to start )

Get truck magnets ( $30 ish online ) ( ph#, power washing )

post on FB marketplace/ craigslist/ nextdoor app etc.

You guys can do this too. Just start and dont look back, you will learn and figure it out.

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